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"K Don Marketing" Specializing in promotion and the financial growth of your business profession.‘’WE WORK FOR YOU” is not only our slogan it is our commitment to the name and representation of your business that separates us from all marketing companies.

We want your business to be known well beyond its location. The growth and stability of your business is important to us as it is to you. In business ownership it is hard to maintain all areas of your business alone especially the PROMOTION side. GOOD PROMOTION IS KEY! Without good promotion and marketing you can find yourself in (IFD) an Investors Financial Disaster. Your business can be the talk of the past or the start of a secure future. Developing loyal, happy and spending customers is our aim and our target is growth and security. let us… WORK FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!



Our (Month to Month) Promotion Package include the following "Don Marketing" tools


  • Flyers handed out person to person business to business this is a key way to interact and promote your business face to face with future customers.

  • T-shirts/sweatshirts/hats exc. of your business embellished with large lettering worn by us regularly to promote your business.

  • Door to door interactions with potential future customers to discuss promotions sales new products or merchandise and the nature and history of your business.

  • Small renovations and promotion suggestions that can potentially draw in more customers

  • Online internet promotion through our established Instagram Facebook and Twitter pages as well as featured on our website through the month.

  • Promotional booths. This is a unique way to interact with potential customers as they go through the day. A table tent set up at a beach in the summer or outside the local market with flyers samples giveaways and eye popping stuff that attract people is one of the best Avenues tool on this list. With the great customer service that we provide your business has great potential to excel using this tool.


“You made a large investment in creating your business .. Make a smaller one to give it a long life’ - Marquis Donzell (Owner, Founder of Don Marketing)




Email  us NOW DonQualitySales@gmail.com to set up an interview at your place of business. This is a low cost opportunity for your business to be the word on the AVENUES


Specializing in businesses such as



Convient Stores

Clothing stores

Internet Businesses

Super Markets

Tattoo Shops

Barber Shops

Personal Businesses

AND MORE!!!!!!

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