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((FASHION FREEDOM)) Now n days don't excis in the halls of most high schools unless its your sneaker game. Majority of the schools in the inner cities make the kids wear uniforms and everyone is forced to look almost identical. Back when I use to post up in the lunch room like I had a free period every period and Diddy bop through the hallways you were able to match ya Fitted' with your shirt and sneakers. Are the days of getting fly for school over? So the new generation can't experience the anticipation of wearing that "Polo down to the socks" Outfit the night before school!? SMH I feel sorry for them! I mean the new kicks will always build excitement but nothing like the fresh FIT to mix with it. I know what your thinking school is not a fashion show its a place for learning correct? Well of course thats a main reason for the new dress code rules taking that FASHION FREEDOM right away from the kids BUT what about the teachers!? Hmmmmm Schools I've visited this year the teachers swag is a feirce one, From Louis Vuitton belts and Polo Shirts to Christian Louboutin Heels and desighner dresses the teachers are dressed to impresed why can't the students!? FASHION FREEDOM

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