Growing up in a single parent home with other siblings your definitely apart of the less fortunate. My mother worked many hours just to provide a roof over our heads food on the table name brand clothing was never a priority of her's for us. anytime i did get any name brand clothing i would wear them until they went out of style until i couldnt fit them any longer and this is where the creative designer side started to manifest . i would cut patches or patterns out of old shirts and glue them to my jeans or hats. i would even cut up old basketball jersey's and do the same. since them times i was able to work and buy my own clothes of course but creating my own style and fashion that others will find fly as well has always been my passion.

f i s h which stands for forever in style harmony was created for those whom style will forever be in style an harmony of fashison that will nevr get old those whom wear what they want how they want without the approval of others. I wore my creativity with no fear when i was younger not caring what others might say or think i still live without that fear today.

f i s h for life